High level of productivity as well as convenience

The RSUP 45-6CH5 is available in a heavy duty or standard  version with a capacity of 45t in the first row and 5 stacking heights.

Main features

Stacking Height

5 High x 9'6" Container

Lifting capacity

45t / 31t / 16t

Wheel base

6200 mm

Engine Power


Reliability, agility and robustness

The keys for success in a container terminal are undoubtedly continuity of work, which only a reliable machine can provide, machine agility and operator skill that will bring you excellent profitability and of course a heavy-duty machine with the capability to last to be easily amortized.

In addition to the flexibility offered by the Reach Stacker, the UPLIFITING range aims to provide you with the means to be successful.

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