Reach stacker Model

RSUP 45-6IH5

Designed for the handling of containers

The RSUP 45-6IH5 equipped with a spreader and a Piggy Back is available in a heavy or standard version with a capacity of 45t in first line and 5 stacking heights.

The heavy version enables you to work on a second track.

Main features

Stacking Height

5 High x 9'6" Container

Lifting capacity

45t / 28t / 13t

Wheel base

6200 mm

Engine Power


Agility, adaptability and ease of use

Multimodality is in continuous development as it is an environmentally friendly alternative with a high transport capacity. It was therefore our duty to design a machine adapted to intermodal terminals.

Our IH range is specially designed and manufactured to provide the agility, adaptability and ease of use required in a rail terminal.

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