Reach stacker Model

RSUP 45-6P5

rsup 45 6p5

Specific requirements of your projects

Thanks to our skills and a large team of engineers, with extensive experience in the lifting sector, we can meet the specific requirements of your projects. If you wish to submit us your problems or your needs for a new type of handling equipment. 

We will be pleased to help you to get a powerful and efficient handling equipment adapted to your production needs. These solutions are not only applicable to ports but also to other sectors such as the steel industry, construction, renewable energy, quarries, etc.

Main details

Lifting capacity

45 tons

Stacking Height

5 High 9’6’’ Container

Wheel base

6.200 mm

Engine Power


Dedicated equipment

Each task requires operations inherent to the job. The RSUP 45-6P5 is a high capacity Reach Stacker, specially designed for handling, storing and loading precast slabs.

Its geometry, cab position and tooling are specific to this type of industry.

rsup 45 6p5

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