Container handling

For Empty Container


UPLIFTING has designed a range of front-end container handlers specifically for handling empty containers. Because empty containers are also an important part of our business, their stacking, storage and preparation will make containers available for filling and subsequent transport.

Consequently, the handling of these containers must be fast and agile. For this purpose, we offer you light but stable, fast but precise machines.

TUP EC Empty container handlers are: compact, light, low operation costs, they are agile and maneuverable. They enable terminals to handle and store empty containers without the need for heavy equipment. We offer you the tools to achieve your mission: safely, reliably, at the high work rate you require, with respect for the environment and at minimum operating costs.

Design to:

We offer two models of empty container handlers

To suit your storage needs  

tup 5c


10 t (20’ – 40’)
5 heights x 9’6”
6 heights x 8’6”
5000 mm wheelbase
185 kW

tup 6c


10 t (20’ – 40’)
6 heights x 9’6”
7 heights x 8’6”
5000 mm wheelbase
185 kW