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All the manufacturing processes

First and foremost, we are manufacturers, we come from a long tradition of blacksmiths, metalworking is therefore one of our most marked skills.

As a good manufacturer we make in our facilities all the manufacturing processes of our equipment following a rigorous quality control.

Rigorous quality control in manufacturing

High strength steel sheets and premium quality raw materials according to our technical specifications. 

Three types of cutting systems depending on the required precision.

The paint acts as a protective shield. To perform this process properly and give it maximum durability and quality several steps must be rigorously complied.

We have modern CNC machinery that allows us to machining by material removal, achieving the final tolerances required by our Engineering Department.

High-performance bending machines for part shaping.

Robotic critical welds to ensure the highest quality.

Steel plates Warehouse

Our main raw material are the steel plates and pipes, we always have an important stock of steel plates of several types that allow us to elaborate the machines.

For this we have selected the best sheet metal suppliers according to the quality and requirements of the same.
We carry out a follow-up of the sheet metal to control its origin and the rigor of the technical specifications of the same.


One of the first steps in the elaboration of the equipment is to cut the pieces that we will need, to conform them, to weld them or to mechanize them…

For this we have three types ofcutting systemsthat we use according to the necessary requirements of precision:

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One of the most delicate and important phases of the manufacturing process is undoubtedly the welding process since it will depend on it that the equipment will resist the moments and deformations to which they are subjected during their work.

To ensure the best welding quality we have spared no expense and we have equipped ourselves with the largest welding robot in Spain and the second largest in Europe.

Thanks to this and subsequent quality tests we can guarantee the high quality and durability of our welds.

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Once we have cut the pieces, we have to shape them. For this process we will use high power bending machines to give shape to the previously cut pieces.

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Once the parts have been cut and shaped, the delicate task of machining remains, which consists in processing the parts by removing the excess material in a controlled manner until they are given the final shape and size ready for manufacturing.

For this purpose we have weighted containers, swap bodies, a speed track, a scale capable of defining the weight per axle, 20 and 30% slope, a sand track, a bumpy track and a fording tank.

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Once all the parts of the equipment have been prepared, the next phase is to give them a coat of protection and color…
To be able to proceed to paint we will go through previous phases of preparation of the pieces as they are:

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  • Degreasing of the surface
    The presence of grease and oil is quite frequent in structural materials and must be completely eliminated before starting painting and repainting operations.
    The procedures we use are cleaning with solvent or even aqueous degreasers.
  • Manual & mechanical cleaning
    By manual cleaning we mean a procedure of surface preparation by brushing, scraping, grinding or sanding of the metal to remove rust, poorly adhering mill scale…
  • Shot blasting
    Through such preparation, the surface is bombarded by small particles of abrasive materials launched at high velocity by means of compressed air through a flexible hose.
    The shot blasting operation makes the surface very active and easily oxidized by ambient humidity or atmospheric pollutants, so we then coat it with anti-oxidation paint.
  • Application of the anti-rust coating
    The parts to be coated are introduced in booths to apply the paint, the booths are of an optimal capacity to ensure the quality of the application. After the coating of the paint we will apply a second layer of anti-rust.
  • Application of the finishing paint
    Once the coats of anti-rust have been applied, we will proceed with the application of the final color of the equipment, which can be UP’s corporate green or the cobalt green.


Once the parts are manufactured and painted, we proceed to their assembly in our workshops designed for this purpose. It is during this phase that the machine takes its shape: its structure, its power module are assembled and tested so that the machine can leave the assembly line and be ready to go to the field tests.  

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Field tests

We have a test track in our facilities, all machines without exception are extensively tested by our quality department, before being released for delivery.

For this purpose we have weighted containers, swap bodies, a speed track, a scale capable of defining the weight per axle, inclines of 20 and 30%, a sand track, a bumpy track and a fording tank.

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