Where we do it

Resilience to offshoring

UpLifting Vertical remains one of the only European manufacturers in the sector to maintain its production and workforce in Europe. While many companies choose to outsource the production of machines or sub-assemblies to distant countries, the Spanish company UpLifting remains convinced that the only way to guarantee a quality product is to be able to control 100% of all design and manufacturing processes.

It is not an easy choice nowadays, because it is certainly more demanding to manufacture in Europe, due to the strong environmental, fiscal and labour pressures, than to start producing in Asia. However, the current situation shows that the effort is not in vain and self-reliance has some clear advantages:

We maintain our quality level because:

All our purchases are centralized and controlled by our quality department.

We have access to trained and qualified manpower.

We are subjected to the stringent requirements of Europe.

We are subjected to the stringent requirements of Europe in terms of:


for the environment.


We demand and we are expected to deliver the highest levels of safety.

Technical requirements

They are without doubt the most advanced.

Social responsibility

Towards our employees and the society in which we live.

Transformation of metal sheets


Transformation of tubes

Superficial treatment