Reach stacker

Designed for handling empty containers


All container activities rely on providing empty containers to be loaded and put them back into the circuit.

The operations of empty containers is not the least. For this reason UPLIFTING has a wide range of equipment for the handling of empty containers and among this range we have of course reachstacker for empty containers.

uplifting reachstackers

Designed for

We offer two models of empty container stackers

To suit your storage needs  

rsup 10 5ch5 reachstackers

RSUP 10-5CH5

Stacking height:
5 containers of 9’6’”
10-9-5,5 t (20’-40’)
5h x 9’6″ | 6h x 8’6″
5000 mm whellbase
185 kW

rsup 10 6ch6 reachstackers

RSUP 10-6CH6

Stacking height:
6 containers of de 9’6’”
10-9-5,5 t (20’-40’)
6h x 9’6″ | 7h x 8’6″
5500 mm whellbase
185 kW