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Design and development of a self-propelled crane for military use with advanced functionalities and 100% hydrogen powered.

Programme: Research and Development Projects – RDPs

Dossier: IDI-20230393

Duration: 34 months, 19/09/2022 – 20/06/2025


Further information

The general objective of the GRUA DUAL H2 project is the design and development of a prototype of a self-propelled crane-hook crane, which allows the use of hydrogen as fuel for all the services of the machine, which can provide a solution to the main challenges of the sector. The main lines of work will be:
1.- Total or partial drive and propulsion by means of hydrogen.
2.- Remote teleoperation systems for part of the machine’s operation.
3.- Intelligent counterweight system reducing the machine’s consumption.
In short, this is a new, more sustainable crane prototype, with new functionalities of great importance compared to existing equipment on the market.